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Sara's Prints Children's Size 4 Baseball Pajama Set

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These red and navy blue baseball pajamas are 100% compacted cotton and flame resistant.

Sara’s Prints provides cotton knitted children’s sleepwear in this baseball print developed to promote happiness and spark the imagination of children everywhere. Manufactured using the highest quality 100% long staple cotton, the colors last wash after wash. Sewn with the highest quality threads, the neckline trim has spandex incorporated for comfort and "shape memory." Although there is always some degree of shrinkage with 100% cotton fabrics, Sara's goes the extra distance and has the fabric "compacted" for both durability and minimum shrinkage.

In accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Sara’s Prints pioneered the development of flame resistant 100% cotton sleepwear. Sara’s proprietary method was first marketed with great success in 1992. Today, most are made from flame resistant 100% cotton fabrics. Children prefer the looser fit and soft hand, and their Moms and Dads can sleep soundly knowing their children are safe in their Sara’s Prints baseball pajamas.

Very Limited Quantities.

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