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Ron Santo Cubs Legend CD

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This CD is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud-repeatedly!

Ron Santo and I were Chicago Cubs Radio broadcast partners on WGN for 15 seasons, until his passing in December of 2010. Ronnie was outrageously entertaining, and this CD features his funniest moments ever. You simply will not believe some of the things you hear on this program! He and I enjoyed an unusual chemistry that came to be known as "The Pat and Ron Show", and this CD is primarily about the great fun Ron and I had as Cubs announcers.

It's all here. Stories about a burning hairpiece, a yogurt mess, scrambled eggs on a Proclamation, and lots of other zany conversations between the Cubs Legend and myself.

If you love to laugh, you'll love this CD!

Pat Hughes
November 2011

Ron Santo "Cubs Legend" CD Tracks
1. Open
2. Intro
3. Cubs Legend
4. Itching
5. Hairpiece
6. Sno(u)t
7. Cough Button
8. Fashion-Food Cop
9. Marketing Guru
10. Cage Dancing
11. Mixed-Up Mixup
12. 1998
13. Let Them Eat Cake
14. Yogurt Overboard
15. Al Fonseca
16. Damn Hankies
17. Munsters/Addams Family?
18. Booth Bugs
19. That is My Hall of Fame
20. Credits

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