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Photo Contest
September 2021 Photo Contest Winner!
Lucas, Las Vegas, NV

I’m Kelly, a single Mom from Las Vegas Nevada. My son is Lucas, he’s 11 years old and plays catcher with the Brewers in little league Majors. The league is Summerlin North and we’ve been a part of their family for almost 5 years now. We weren’t able to play baseball for over a year so this is a photo I took returning back to the fields. I look at this photo and see a kid wanting to play ball with his friends, just waiting all alone, because of COVID. This has taken so much from all of us but no more than our kids. Baseball is the greatest sport! This shot is taking the moment in after the first practice back, just him, in his uniform sitting on the fence. Baseball means the world to us. Being at the fields means the world to us. You not only love playing the game but you’re surrounded by family, baseball family!

Submitting photos is easy! Send any baseball picture with a letter about how baseball is important to you! Include your e-mail address, mailing address and phone number so we can contact you if your photo is chosen. Winning photos and captions will be added to our photo contest link every month! We are looking for photos of baseball coaches, Little League players, babies with baseball stuff, etc.

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