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Milo Hamilton "A Call for the Ages" CD

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Milo Hamilton has been a giant in the baseball announcing business. His career has spanned 7 decades, and he has been a broadcaster for 7 different big league clubs.

He called his first major league game in 1953, and he has been the great voice of the Houston Astros since 1985.

The biggest moment of his Hall of Fame career came in 1974 when he made one of the most famous calls in American sportscasting history - the legendary 715th homerun of the Atlanta Braves’ Henry Aaron. That call served as the foundation for the title of this CD: “A Call for the Ages.”

Track 4 is all about that episode. Naturally, you will hear the call loud and clear, but you will also get to listen to Milo’s approach and assessment of Aaron’s historic homer.

Milo’s entire career is covered, beginning with his first play-by-play in 1946 in the U.S. military, and leading all the way to his Hall of Fame acceptance speech in Cooperstown in 1992, and beyond.

One of my favorite tracks is #11, where Milo Hamilton captures the 9th inning drama of a 1976 John Candelaria no-hitter. This is Milo at his best!

In addition to Aaron and Candelaria, there are lots of other highlights you will enjoy on this CD - like Craig Biggio’s 3000th hit, Mike Scott’s 1986 no-hitter in Houston’s division-clinching win, and the Astros winning their 1st pennant in 2005, plus many more! Enjoy!

Pat Hughes
Autumn, 2009

Milo Hamilton “A Call for the Ages” CD Tracks
1. Open
2. Intro
3. Milo Hamilton
4. A Call for the Ages
5. Young Milo
6. Broadcast Beginnings
7. In the Big Leagues
8. Radio Hall of Fame
9. Chicago 1955-65
10. Atlanta 1966-75
11. Pittsburgh 1976-79
12. Cubs 1980-84
13. Voice of the Astros
14. Cooperstown
15. Legacy
16. Close
17. Credits

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