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Dave Niehaus "Voice of the Mariners" CD

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Dave Niehaus is a Seattle icon. He has been the great voice of the Mariners since day one of the franchise in 1977.

He is both talented and enthusiastic, always a winning combination. His love of baseball is obvious as you listen to his exciting play-by-play moments - and you will hear plenty of those on this program! With the possible exception of Harry Caray, no one has ever made the big moments in a ballgame sound so thrilling as Dave Niehaus.

The greatest moment in Mariners history is the foundation for Track 4, entitled “1995”. Edgar Martinez cracked a game-winning 2-run double to beat the Yankees in the opening playoff round. Dave’s breathtaking call captured the moment memorably.

In the last 2 decades, the Mariners have showcased some of the best players of their generation - guys like Ken Griffey, Jr., Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez, Alex Rodriguez and Ichiro Suzuki. On this CD, entire tracks are devoted to Griffey, Edgar and Ichiro.

Dave Niehaus has been there every step of the way with his friendly and dramatic presentations on Mariners radio and television.

So please enjoy all the highlights, and the life story of Hall of Famer Dave Niehaus, the Voice of the Mariners.

Pat Hughes
Autumn, 2009

Dave Niehaus "Voice of the Mariners" CD Tracks
1. Open
2. Intro
3. Dave Niehaus
4. 1995
5. Young Dave
6. Broadcast Beginnings
7. Getting to Seattle
8. M’s 1st Game 1977
9. Mariners Early Days
10. Ken Griffey, Jr.
11. Edgar Martinez
12. No-Nos
13. Carlos Guillen’s Bunt
14. 116 Wins
15. Ichiro
16. Cooperstown
17. Legacy
18. Close
19. Credits

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