Baseball BBQ Slider Grill Spatula with Bat HandleZoom

Baseball BBQ Slider Grill Spatula with Bat Handle

Item# BBQ-SS
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This Slider Spatula is made to be the ultimate grill tool for baseball players and fans alike. With a patented handle design that replicates the dimensions of a baseball bat, the Slider Spatula offers the familiar feel of a custom wood bat. Baseball BBQ rivets the classic wood bat handle to a professional-grade stainless steel multitool blade, which offers a meat tenderizer, serrated cutting edge, beveled front edge, and built-in bottle opener. The Slider Spatula is destined to become a staple for any Baseball BBQ fan.

~ Patented bat handle design
~ Professional-grade stainless steel multi-tool
~ Riveted all-natural wood handle
~ Laser-engraved Baseball BBQ logo on the knob
~ Built-in bottle opener
~ Serrated edge for cutting or grill scraping
~ Side for tenderizing meat
~ Extra large head surface
~ Beveled front edge
~ Extended length for heat protection
~ Lifetime Warranty

~ Total length: 17"
~ Handle length: 8"
~ Width of blade: 3.5"

Gift wrapping not available.

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