Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set with 4 Baseball GlassesZoom

Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set with 4 Baseball Glasses

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Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set with four 12oz Baseball Glasses.

LIMITED EDITION BASEBALL SET - WITH A BEAUTIFUL MAHOGANY WOOD HOLDER! The bat and glasses have many intricate parts - this set is exceptionally unique in design.

LARGE BASEBALL BAT DECANTER POURS OUT OF THE KNOB OF THE BAT! Large 750 ml capacity BASEBALL decanter, enough to hold the contents of a standard whiskey or wine bottle as well as most bottles of scotch, rum and hard liquors. Just pop open your bottle and pour the entire contents easily into the decanter.

This is truly a unique set. 100% Lead free Borosilicate Glass - a great and unique alternative to crystal and regular glass. This set is a great conversation piece and/or a finishing touch for a home bar or office. Display this set with pride - the elegant design is perfect to serve guests with.

Very limited quantities. Gift wrapping not available.

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