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Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals OYO Mini Figure

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Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals Generation One OYO Mini Figure!

Part of the first series of OYO ever offered. This will surely be a collector's item. Don't miss out!

Oyos are 1 5/8" lego-style mini-figures that have a unique likeness to professional MLB players.

Strasburg comes in his own storage case with a special package design made to fit in your pocket. Each figure comes with an Nationals Cap, bat, glove, ball, stand, and unique OYO DNA number.

New! Officially licensed building-toy figures of your favorite MLB player with rotating arms, bending knees, and player likeliness. Compatible with most other brand name building toys. Collect. Build. Play. Collect your favorite players. It's like a 3-D baseball card!

OYOs are designed with eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other facial characteristics that best represent their real life counterparts! Unique ball design snaps onto hand and allows your OYO to grip and throw. Glove pocket is perfectly sized to hold ball, allowing your OYO to snag the deepest pop fly! Batters have bats that snap easily onto hands and rotates into position. Batter hands snaps easily onto hands and rotates into position. Specially designed, rotating forearms for sports figures to allow for action! Pitch, catch, and bat. Without knees that bend, you walk like a mummy! Additional joint allows your OYO to run, sit, squat, and wind-up.

OYO DNA Number - Printed right on the stand is your OYO's very own unique DNA number. This number can be used to identify your OYO. Each OYO comes with their own stand, which lets you position and pose your OYO for display on any flat surface. Or, snap your stand onto a building block grid and build your own scenes! OYOs play nicely with other toys! OYOs are compatible with other name brand building blocks, so your OYOs can become part of your favorite scene. We encourage you to build and play!

Very Limited Quantities.

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