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Baseball Tarot Book & Card Set

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It's a quirky marriage of the New Age and the sports page. Bringing the ancient wisdom of divination by cards to the familiar actions, characters, myths, and metaphors of America's favorite pastime, Baseball Tarot is a novel way to seek answers to life questions. From being thrown a curve to hitting in the clutch to coming out of left field, clarification is in the cards.

Expertly translated from traditional wisdom by Mark Lerner, author of the Page-A-Day Horoscope Calendars, and Laura Phillips, Baseball Tarot offers insights into love, work, relationships, dreams, decisions, and dilemmas.

Each set includes a custom-designed, full-color 78-card Tarot deck - exquisitely illustrated by baseball artist Dan Gardiner and edged in a fifth color of gold - plus a 336-page illustrated book on how to lay out and interpret the cards. There are The Majors (major arcana) - The Rookie, The Manager, The Pitcher, The Catcher, The Ump, The Goat. The Minors (minor arcana) - Mitts, Balls, Bats, Bases. Even original layouts - The Change-up, The Diamond. As Roger Angel once said, "Baseball seems to have been invented solely for the purpose of explaining all other things in life." Step up to the plate.

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