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Baseball Spot it! Game MLB Edition

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Batter up. Test your visual skills and have a ball with Spot it MLB Edition. It plays just like regular Spot it with the logos of all 30 Major League Baseball teams, plus assorted baseball icons and images. Spot it is a truly one-of-a-kind card game. Each card contains 8 images, and between any 2 cards there is one, and only one, matching image. Players simultaneously try to gain or get rid of cards by spotting matches between their card and either a center card or an opponent’s card. There are 5 challenging mini-party games in one pack of Spot it. Spot it MLB Edition combines this great game with the classic game of baseball. Whether the logo of your favorite team, a bitter rival, or another image such as a baseball diamond, a scoreboard, or a pennant, spot it and you’ll be running the bases to victory. At home, in the car, at the park, or anywhere else baseball and gamers gather, Spot it MLB Edition provides innings of fun and excitement.

Ages: 7 to Adult

2 to 8 players

Features the logos of all new MLB teams including the Miami Marlins, plus assorted baseball icons and images

Beautifully embossed collectable tin box.

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